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Can you move all my stuff out of the garage?
Yes, for an additional charge we are able to provide this service. See our terms and conditions page for more information.


What's the difference between Water-based products and Solvent-based products?

Water-based products are less expensive to use, easier to handle, and can be installed much quicker than commercial grade materials. Solvent-based epoxies penetrate the concrete just the same as water-based materials, but your solvent-based products are going to be much stronger and last longer.

What makes your product better or different than others on the market?
Preparation, Penetration, Precision. Our-four step Preparation process is unsurpassed. We use only the highest quality products available. These products have been tested for and are used in industrial applications. Our foundation is based on the most current "Low Viscosity, total Penetration", 100% solids Epoxy technology available. This same technology has been used in airplane hangers, malls & military applications. Our Epoxy primer doesn't simply bond to the surface, it penetrates and soaks down into it forming a "lock". From this "foundation" we can apply the rest of the system with Precision.