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The Foundation.
The Acritek Systems foundation is solidified by applying a Low-V, 100% solids, penetrating Epoxy primer to the surface of the concrete. Locked within this system is an interlayer of multi-colored acrylic chips, which provide a skid-resistant, decorative surface. The entire system is then encapsulated by our protective state-of-the-art Acritek Acri-Pro Urethane coating. The reactive nature of each process chemically fuses each layer to the last, forming an unsurpassed bond to the substrate. Its strength and durability are formulated to endure the test of time.

Preparation Is The Key.
Prior to application, we vigorously prepare the original surface to ensure thorough adhesion of the coating system. The entire surface is mechanically etched with a dust-less diamond head grinder to unlock dirt and grime. Oil and rubber stains are removed with biodegradable cleaners. This process is completed by rinsing the surface to completely clear out the newly prepared concrete pores.

We care a great deal for the environment and do not use harsh acids or degreasers that can be washed into your streets or storm drains to clean our floors. Our floor prep machines provide a better mechanical bond to the concrete than any other etching system available for use on residential floors.......................,,,,,,,,,.....
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