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Application Procedure
Step 1

The granite look coating is achieved by broadcasting an interlayer of acrylic flakes between a foundation of epoxy and an encapsulating finish coat of clear urethane to produce the look of granite or terrazzo.

On most floors we use a 7" hand held grinder.

The first step required to ensure a sound bond to the substrate is to etch the surface and open the pores of the concrete. Although this can be achieved several ways there are some very important things to consider and keep in mind.

There are companies that contend you should wash and etch the surface with acid. While this may appear to be adequate it is not going to yield the same results that can be achieved with a mechanical etch.When using acids you will also contribute to pollution in the environment as these materials are washed down our streets and into our oceans. We have found that in order to achieve the best results possible the concrete must be mechanically etched.

We use state of the art diamond grinders attached to a dustless vacuum system to ensure maximum results before applying our penetrating primer.