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Thank you for your interest in our company and especially our decorative garage floor coating, Acritek ™. With over 20 year's experience in the coating industry, ranging from waterproofing, elastomerics, below-grades, isotholic fiberglass coatings, and concrete resurfacing, we are proud to make this revolutionary epoxy system available to the Greater San Diego Area.

Our experience began in 1985 when the founder of Perfect Garage became an apprentice at "Gold Coast Waterproofing". Gold Coast Waterproofing specialized in Elastomeric and Fiberglass Deck Coatings. During this six year tenure with Gold Coast he became the lead Superintendent in charge of all projects dealing with the decorative waterproof deck systems.

In 1991 Nielson Construction took over Gold Coast Waterproofing. As a result, "Sunset Deck Coatings"was created and continued to provide contractors in San Diego with services as a waterproofing consultant and project manager for the next 2 years.

In 1993 a joint venture was established with Shasta Corp. in Phoenix AZ and started applying cementatious concrete coatings around swimming pools and refinishing swimming pool interiors with specialty fiberglass coatings.

Gaining experience with isotholic, orthotholic, and vinyl-ester resins like those used in the construction of surfboards and boats.

By 1994 Sunset Deck Coatings became "Sunset Resurfacing Solutions". For the next year and a half, simple concrete coatings turned into elaborate faux creations and designs.

As our company and experience grew so too did our desire to create an image that reflected the nature and quality of our work.

Then i n 1998, another great thing happened, one of our clients expressed a desire to have his garage floor resurfaced with a specialty epoxy coating that resembled granite or terrazzo, so we went into overdrive researching epoxy and urethane coatings. We wanted only the highest quality in materials. Materials that had been proven in high-traffic and industrial applications. After much research we created the Acritek ™ Epoxy System.

As a Result in the overwhelming popularity of our Epoxy Floor Coatings we have emerged as "Perfect Garage".